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1. Kick-start Your Wine Adventure

Your journey into our republic begins with a click of your mouse. Choose one of our wine delivery packages – based on your lifestyle and budget – and we’ll set straight to work. Our wine expert has gathered the finest deep batch wines available, allowing us to curate a custom wine box of revolutionary bottles… perfect for setting you off on your taste adventure.

2. Personalise

We don’t believe in taking short cuts when it comes to great wine. Our team of experienced wine buffs – led on a long march across the globe by The Wine Master – never stop hunting out the best bottles to broaden your horizons. We’ll choose eight wines that will open your eyes to new flavours and aromas (as well as some tried and tested favourites we love) and they’ll be packaged and delivered straight to your door or office each month.

3. Sit Back And Relax

As a new citizen of The Wine Box Republic, there’s only one law to abide by: once your bottles have reached their destination, it’s your duty to put your feet up, drink the fantastic wines we’ve delivered to you, and rate your favourites on our site. The revolution doesn’t end there, though – the journey starts again the following month… meaning there’s always more to learn, more to experience, and more to look forward to!


Here at The Wine Box Republic, we aren’t just about providing the finest wine delivery service in Australia for our citizens. We want to revolutionise the way you approach this amazing drink, and open your eyes to the hidden gems we go to such lengths to uncover. In order to do that – and to well and truly raise the flag of this new world of flavour – we have to get out there, get stuck in, and explore the very best of what’s available. We’re talking about meeting independent wine producers face to face, sitting around a table in their wineries, and hearing their stories and tasting their wines. We’ve got the decades of experience and the passion to know when we come across something special… and this is a republic built on going the extra mile, and on bringing our citizens something new, exciting, and utterly unique. The Search for Wine Box Perfection We strive to seek out the unusual, the small-batch, the wines that the vintners want to keep for themselves. We hunt down those wines you’d never come across in your local supermarkets; bottles which speak volumes about the place they were produced, and which shout from the glass the personalities, quirks, and dreams of their makers. We’re on nothing short of a mission to bring you wines which tell stories, that pack in history and flavour in equal measures, and that take your senses to places they’ve never been before. Personalised Monthly Wine Boxes that put our Citizens First We wade through no less than fifty top wines each month, and we manage to (somehow) whittle them down to a flawless set of eight for delivery to your door. It’s a process of selection that’s no easy feat… but it’s you, the citizens of The Wine Box Republic, that have the hardest choice to make: which delicious wine do you try first? Wine Box Republic is a voyage of discovery, powered by our citizens. That’s right – you’re the ones in the driving seat, and as in any revolution, the power is very much with the people. Every month, you get the chance to rate your box of wine we’ve curated for you, and your opinions actively impact the choices we go on to make. Whether you love the bottles we’ve delivered to your door, or feel one or two of them weren’t quite right for you, be sure to let us know; we’ll make sure your voice is heard loud and clear.

More Reasons To Join Our Revolutionary Wine Subscription Service

Spread The Word

Our republic is powered by our citizens. We’re looking to make a lasting impact on the wine industry - that means we need you to spread the word, and reap the rewards that it brings. Get the revolution underway by bringing your friends on board, and we’ll send you some amazing free wine to share with the latest recruits.

Make Your Voice Heard

Want to make a difference to our revolution? Then let us know your thoughts on the personalised wine box we’ve delivered to you. What our citizens think matters to us. By rating our wines, you’ll be actively impacting the changes we’re making… and we’ll send you some great rewards to show our thanks.

You're In Control

This is a wine revolution that puts you in control, every step of the way. Feel like swapping the bottles we’ve chosen for others you like the look of? No problem. Want to update your preferences, or add some extra wines you’ve fallen in love with? We give you the power to do all that, and to tailor your wine membership as you see fit.

No Lock-In

Make no mistake: we want you to keep marching with us on this journey. However, we won’t hold it against you if you decide to take a break from the republic for a while (just bear in mind we’ll miss you, and wouldn’t say no to a postcard). Absence makes the heart grow fonder, after all, and we’re confident you’ll be back soon for another custom wine box.

Citizens’ Happiness Guaranteed

The world of wine is a vast and varied one, and we’re always up for introducing our citizens to new flavours and wine styles. However, if you’re not feeling one of the bottles we’ve delivered to you, don’t be put off - your happiness and satisfaction means the world to us, and that’s why we’ll replace it in your next wine box delivery, no questions asked.

Fallen in love with a wine? Get even more!

We know the rush you get when you’ve fallen head over heels for a great wine, believe us. If you’ve developed a bit of a crush on one of our bottles and want even more, we’ll bend over backwards to provide it for you. Don’t hang around, though - many of our best bottles are limited in quantity, and fly off our shelves very quickly indeed!

Exclusive Privileges for our Citizens

What’s the point in joining a revolution if you don’t get to enjoy some exclusive extras? Our citizens have access to everything from personalised wine delivery services, limited edition wines, and regular great discounts on Wine Box Republic special offers. And that’s just the beginning…
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