2015 Spinifex Lola


Spinifex’s Lola is perfect if you want to try something different. A White Rhone blend of Vermentino, Semillon, Ugni Blanc, Muscat Blanc and Viognier, the two main source vineyards are 70 and 110 years of age. More savoury than it is fruity, and with phenomenal perfumes from the Muscat Blanc, this wine is a treat for all your senses. Vibrant and fresh with plenty of spicy, sappy cut and floral top notes, the finish is tangy and crunchy and full of energy, making it perfect for you when you want a more adventurous white than your usual run-of-the-mill, everyday kind. This wine is made by Magali Gely and Peter Schell, who both have an interesting background- Magali comes from a family that has been growing wine near Montpellier for over ten generations, whilst Peter is a trained oenologist and has made wine in Burgundy, Switzerland, Provence, the Minervois, the Languedoc, Bordeaux and New Zealand. Together they believe the vineyard is so important to the production of unique, quality wines.


The Barossa Valley needs no introduction- the region is a renowned wine-producing region north east of Adelaide. Thanks to inspired winemakers and generations of experience, Barossa is a fascinating wine region.Internationally known for producing big, standout wines from old vine Shiraz and Grenache, The Barossa Valley put Australian wine on the map. Today, there is a new generation of winemakers who are adding to the impressive reputation of the region. By picking earlier and pulling back on oak maturation, the new generation are showing a fresher, more subtle side to Barossa wines.


The savoury, citrusy freshness makes this wine an ideal pairing for light fish dishes like snapper and shellfish. The Viognier is going to give the wine a bit of weight, making it good with chicken or pork too.


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South Australia, Barossa Valley
Brunching with friends
Light fish dishes but great with chicken or pork too.
Kokomo - The Beach Boys



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