2016 Konpira Maru Admiral Semillon


The Admiral is a cloudy, hazy Semillon. It’s made with no adjustments, save a little sulphur. This fun take on Semillon from Heathcote, made by the Konpira Maru lads, is skinsy but aromatic as per usual. This funky, wild take on Semillon is very likely to make you reach for another glass, and probably even get you ordering another bottle straight away! The process to make this incredible wine is simple, but definitely not easy: Picked in early April and soaked on skins overnight, then pressed off. Wild fermented without cooling, giving it a touch of glycerol. Then it’s in cold hard steel for 6 months, followed by 6 months in old barriques. Racked 3 times. No malolactic fermentation.


Heathcote is well known for its Shiraz. And for good reason too. But things change, and that’s no different to Heathcote. Italian varieties such as Fiano, Sangiovese, Nero d’Avola and Sagrantino are all finding themselves well at home in the ancient Cambrian soils. Founded in the 1850s, the wineries are the major attraction of the area today. The first vines appeared in the 1860s, but it was only in the 1960s that things on the wine front started creating waves. The Shiraz grape is the main planting here, and the Heathcote Shiraz has a great reputation for its unique character. Visitors to the region can enjoy tasting the wines and meeting the winemakers at cellar doors all year round.


Semillon is the ideal partner for seafood, it works beautifully with pretty much all fish, whether white or pink, as well as with shellfish (oysters, scallops, mussels, clams) and crustaceans (prawns, marron, yabbies, scampi, crayfish, lobster). Unlike some other wines, Semillon tastes incredible very cold- try serving it at beer temperature and see what you think! You still won’t kill its fruit at such a chilled temperature, but keep in mind that aged Semillon should be served a little less-cold and with fuller flavoured foods, such as smoked fish and chicken (smoked, roasted, cold or hot).

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Victoria, Heathcote
Mood for something different
Seafood - Pretty much all fish
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