2016 Le Vigne Di Alice Prosecco


This stunning extra dry Prosecco from Le Vigne di Alice is a spectacular example of everything a modern Prosecco should be. Delicate, elegant bubbles are held in a pale, yellow wine bursting with floral aromas and orchard fruits… perfect for sharing with friends on a sunny day. Vintner Cinzia Canzian takes enormous pride in her gorgeous Carpesica terroir, and it really shows; this is a wine which packs in plenty of expression and delightful minerality, thanks to the complex chalky and rocky land her grapes grow in. Chemical intervention is kept to an absolute minimum, and an array of time-honoured traditional viticultural techniques sit side by side with a contemporary approach to winemaking. The result? A delicious sparkling wine, which takes you on a journey to the very heart of Veneto.


Le Vigne di Alice can be found in Carpesica, a small village in Vittoria Veneto, Italy. This is the beating heart of Prosecco country, and in the shadow of the verdant hills of Conegliano and Valdobbiadene, it’s a landscape which has seen wine production take place for over two thousand years. The iconic Glera grape – the powerhouse behind Prosecco – reaches a wonderful level of ripeness in the mineral-rich soils of the region, accompanied by the dense forests which line the vineyards, and provide much-needed shelter from the unpredictable climatic conditions.


This Prosecco is an absolute joy to pair with a wide range of foods – few other wines have this level of versatility and flexibility, making it an ideal addition to any dinner party. Its acidity and effervescence makes it a fine pairing for everything from Italian charcuterie to French fries, and from stuffed mushrooms to picnic favourites like quiche Lorraine and frittata. It will also match up beautifully with a wide range of fish and shellfish, including sushi dishes and Thai fish curries.

Italy, Vittoria Veneto
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Sushi dishes and Thai fish curries
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