2017 Ravensworth Pinot Gris


Bryan Martin is one of a kind. His winemaking approach leans heavily on his keen intuition. He’s not afraid to try things, to push boundaries. This wine is out there on the cusp of interesting Australian vino, yet it doesn’t go too far. By allowing the fruit to spend some time on skins fermenting in a ceramic egg, Bryan Martin has built texture and intrigue into a variety that all too often looks bland. It has depth whilst still maintaining incredible freshness.


Ravensworth wines are grown and produced by Rosehill vineyards in the cool climate, high country, Canberra District. Persistent cool nights throughout the growing season and a dry autumn with moderate daytime temperatures, together with volcanic soils all make for perfect growing conditions. Ravensworth has two vineyards: Rosehill (cabernet sauvignon, merlot and sauvignon blanc) and Martin Block (shiraz, viognier, Marsanne and Sangiovese).


Will go with lots of food, especially richer seafood dishes that might have cream involved, grilled fish and lighter meats. Roast chicken is a neat pairing, as is quite complex South-east Asian dishes, full of chilli and aromatic herbs.


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Canberra, ACT
Perfect for a sunny afternoon lunch
Rich Seafood
Island in the Sun - Weezer



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