Simply Sweet White Wine Mix Dozen Brown Brothers Moscato – 12 Bottles

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If you’re the kind of person who loves your white wines on the sweeter side, then this mixed dozen is going to be your idea of heaven! Hand-selected to showcase the very best of the sweeter white wines on the market today, it’s a wine box guaranteed to please the palate.

  • Brown Brother’s Moscato x 2

Expect an exotic nose of fresh grape juice, ripe pear and juicy red apples, while in your mouth it’s squeaky clean, a little bit sweet, and ever so slightly fizzy.

  • Gossips Sweet Lips Moscato x 2

Fresh and grapey with a touch of spritz on the palate. Gossips quickly became a hit with consumers who like easy-drinking wines with very fresh fruit flavours.

  • Warburn Rumours Moscato x 2

Sweet musk flavours in the glass, just a hint of spritz and lower in alcohol than others – ideal for a celebration.

  • The Painter Moscato x 2

The Painter Moscato is a sweet light bodied wine sourced from Australia’s viticultural regions. Aromas of lifted musk, pear, and candied citrus peel are echoed on the gently spritzy palate. Now serve chilled.

  • McWilliam’s Inheritance Fruitwood x 2

Fruitwood White is a wonderfully fruit-driven wine for those who enjoy the “sweeter” things in life. A dazzling tropical fruit explosion of flavour in the mouth with pineapple and passionfruit flavours to the fore. Enjoy it chilled on a hot summer’s day or as the base ingredient for a wine cocktail.

  • Rock Paper Scissors Moscato x 2

This light, spritzy Moscato is filled with aromas of raised citrus and tropical fruit. It shows zesty lemon and pineapple characters in its vibrant, racy palate.  Carefully blended to produce a fresh textured wine of balance and finesse.

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