South Australian Shiraz Red Wine Tasting Selection Case – 12 Bottles

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One of our favourite things about Shiraz – and it’s a long list, believe us – is the sheer variety of flavours and aromas brought about by different producers in different regions. Our quartet of gorgeous Shiraz showcases this variety perfectly, and it’s the ideal choice for Shiraz fanatics across the country!

  • Leonard Road Shiraz 750ml x 3

Leonard Road Shiraz is precisely what you’re looking for in an Aussie red. Deep crimson in color, with a scent of strong raspberries and plum preserves on the nose, as well as pepper and vanilla notes. The tannins are smooth, and the mouthfeel is delicate. The richness of this wine complements the juicy, fresh raspberry tastes and keeps the consumer going back for more. We recommend pairing this wine with beef or venison substantial dinners or tapas.

  • Two Truths Shiraz 750ml x 3

Two unavoidable facts Shiraz is a lavish wine with juicy blackberry fruit, a substantial body, and a lengthy finish. Serve with robust meals like lamb shanks and osso bucco.

  • Ruffled Feather Shiraz 750ml x 3

The flavor is bold, full-bodied, fruity, and delicious. The Ruffled Feather Shiraz is a wine that will leave you speechless. This wine pairs well with strong, hard cheeses, grilled meats, and substantial stews because to its powerful flavors that deliver a punch.

  • Outback Jack Shiraz 750ml x 3

The Outback Jack Shiraz is full-bodied, with distinct cherry, red currant, and mocha flavors that lead to a lengthy, rich finish. This Shiraz pairs beautifully with roast meats and hearty pasta dishes.

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