Ultimate Seltzer Tasting Experience Flavoured Vodka & Sparkling Water – 24 Bottles

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If you’re yet to discover the joys of hard seltzer – the latest vodka-based fizz that everyone’s talking about – then it’s high time you started exploring! This selection covers all of our seltzer favourites, with 24 cans of fizzy, fruity modern classics that you’re sure to fall in love with.

  • Good Tides Hard Seltzer Lemon & Lime Cans 330mL x 4

Each can of Good Tides contains refreshing sparkling water, premium triple-distilled vodka, and no sugar or artificial sweeteners.

  • Smirnoff Passionfruit Seltzer Cans 250mL x 4

The perfect blend of Smirnoff vodka and lightly flavoured sparkling water. The sweet aroma of freshly cut passionfruit, fresh and clean taste of passionfruit on the palate with a fresh after taste. No Sugar and 69 calories per can.

  • Hint Watermelon Vodka & Sparkling Water Seltzer Cans 250mL x 4

Hint New Zealand Vodka is a 100% natural premix. Triple-distilled New Zealand vodka with a hint of natural watermelon flavour and sparkling water. With only 66 calories per serve, it’s the perfect summertime treat.

  • Liberty Coast Raspberry Seltzer 3.5% 250mL x 4

Refreshing sparkling alcoholic water with a natural raspberry hint and just 63 calories per can.

  • Saintly Hard Seltzer Forbidden Pink Grapefruit Cans 250mL x 4

Alcoholic sparkling water made by aussies, with prohibited pink grapefruit. And you didn’t know it was even a thing. All natural ingredients and flavours.

  • Rainbird Lemon & Lime Alcoholic Seltzer 6 percent 330mL x 4

Sparkling, refreshing alcoholic water with a touch of natural lemon-lime and less than 1% sugar and less than 135 calories per can. Rainbird Alcoholic Seltzers, inspired by the Rainbird calling out before the rains, is a perfectly balanced mix of all aussie sparkling water, premium spirit and a touch of natural flavour.

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