We Are The Wine Subscription Revolutionaries

The wine scene as we know it is in need of a real shake-up. All too many people are still drinking bottles which simply aren’t hitting the spot… and the worst part is, they might not even realise it yet.

That’s where Wine Box Republic step in. We’re a group of passionate wine lovers, keen to kick-start a revolution to turn back the tide of dull, uninspiring wines. Our mission: To fight against monotony. To celebrate flavour and variety. To champion the independent, the unique, the undiscovered… and to bring top quality personalise wine boxes straight to your door.

With no allegiances or obligations to specific brands or producers, we’re free to work with the people making wines that sweep us off our feet. If the mainstream wine scene is as sick as it appears, then Wine Box Republic aims to be the cure.

Our Story

We come from a long line of winemakers – six generations of our families have been working the soil, perfecting their craft, and passing down their secrets and skills. As such, it’s fair to say that wine is far more than just a drink for us: it’s our livelihood, it’s our history. It’s in our blood.

We know that there are some truly incredible and inspirational winemakers out there, producing wines that take can take your breath away. And yet, walk into any store or bar, and you’re likely to see the same labels over and over again – the industry has been hijacked by the bland, the forgettable, and the mass-produced.

We’ve gone to great lengths to uncover the real hidden gems of the wine world, but there’s no way we could keep such discoveries all to ourselves. Wine Box Republic is more than a monthly wine subscription service: it’s a fight to get real quality back on people’s tables, and to make wine a talking point again.

Our Values

We believe that in order to bring you the best wine delivery service we can, it’s up to us to forge great relationships with winemakers and distributors. We’ve been everywhere in our hunt for the best produce for our citizens, and along the way, we’ve shared stories and bottles with some amazing characters. It’s that intimate, independent, and innovative spirit we want to communicate to you in every wine box we deliver.

There are plenty of unscrupulous retailers out there, buying and reselling cheap surplus wines to their increasingly unsatisfied customers. This kind of thing leave a bad taste in our mouths, and it’s exactly what our wine revolution set out to overthrow. We’re proud to be an alternative to the typical wine retailers, and we’ll never stop striving to bring you the best taste sensations, the greatest customer service, and the most delicious bottles we source on our travels. Join our fight, and help us change the wine scene for the better.

What we’re creating

The Wine Box Republic is no ordinary wine delivery service It’s a new world in which quality reigns supreme, and in which experience and expertise finds a voice and purpose.

It’s a land which sets out to be inclusive and informative, and in which our citizens are treated as individuals, with their own valued tastes, preferences and opinions.

It’s a place to share new discoveries, and celebrate the brilliance of independent artisans. Above all, it’s a revolutionary way to explore some seriously delicious bottles, and enjoy different wines every month of the year.

Meet the team

The President

The President of Wine Box Republic, is a first generation Australian. Her parents emigrated down under forty years ago from Madeira, a beautiful island in the middle of the Atlantic. Fast forward to 2018, and they’ve established themselves as one of the leading Portuguese families in the world of wine, living and breathing their passion for vinho each and every day of the year.

To say that Olivia inherited her family’s love of top-quality wine would be the understatement of the century: she cares about nothing more than discovering the most exciting, inspiring, and delicious wines, and making sure it finds its ways into the hands (and glasses) of her citizens each month. As the leader of our wine box revolution, Olivia lays the plans and calls the shots… but it’s her passion for beautifully-made, independent and memorable produce which drives her every step of the way.


The First Dude

The First Dude may be second-in-command to his wife, The President, but his role is pivotal to the success and spread of our ongoing revolution. His days are taken up by the pursuit of the world’s greatest wines, and building our increasing network of trusted independent producers and suppliers. Most days he can be found sipping from some of the finest bottles Wine Box Republic are able to get their hands on… all in the name of quality assurance, of course. It’s a hard job, but someone has to do it.

He’s the President’s right hand man, her confidante, and her trusted advisor. He’s the powerhouse behind the revolution, and the standard bearer for a journey to the uppermost heights of flavour. Motivated by a singular mission in life, the First Dude is dedicated to curating nothing but the finest monthly wine experiences for the citizens of Wine Box Republic.


The Wine Master

Every new order needs its experts, and The Wine Master is the brains behind our operation. With a professional history in winemaking (not to mention a slew of international viticulture awards to his name) our Wine Master has the insider knowledge and savoir-faire to ensure only the most delicious mixed boxes of wine head out for delivery each month.

The Wine Master is a champion of the underdogs in this industry. He knows that the secret to top-quality wine comes down to the independent, the underrated, the small-scale and unique… and he’s driven to introduce our citizens to these hidden wonders of the wine world, and to spread the word that the revolution is well and truly underway. Alongside the President and the First Dude, the Wine Master is helping to drive the wine revoltion onwards… and he’s loving every minute.